It has helped my 10u girls tremendously. Love your product.
— Ruben G.
My son has been using this for 6 months. This was the best $30 I ever spent.
— Justin M.
SWINGRAIL Cody Bellinger MLB Dodgers Rookie of the Year Photo

When I'm struggling, I stay outside the ball -- SWINGRAIL helps me stay inside, take a really good path to the ball and create backspin.” - Cody Bellinger, Dodgers

SWINGRAIL Megan Wiggins USSA Pride NPF Softball Photo

It’s a good tool to keep your mechanics in check. It allows you to keep your hands connected before contact. A lot of players lose power and efficiency when their hands get away from their body. - Megan Wiggins, 2-Time Player of the Year & Career Home Run Leader, National Pro Fastpitch Softball

My daughter’s hitting coach has one of these. Coolest thing ever.
— Melissa M.
Works great. It literally took a few minutes and his swing was improved.
— D. Winslat
As a youth baseball coach I have used this and can tell you that it does work on swing improvement. It was a great help.
— Jon A.
Worked wonders out of the gate.
— Joe J.
Love this. My son had a long casting swing and constantly hit weak grounders. Worked twice with SWINGRAIL and he drove the ball to the outfield and shortened his swing. Very impressed.
— Dustin L.
Awesome product!!! Must buy!
— Andrew W.
Thank you for inventing a super simple and effective tool. I’ve worked drill and mirror techniques trying to accomplish this, but my son has never been able to replicate it while taking BP
— Mark R.
Have one that 9 yr old grandson has been training with. Works great.
— Daryl B.
SWINGRAIL Tim Locastro MLB Player Dodgers Yankees Photo

One of the keys to hitting is being consistent and repeating the same swing. SWINGRAIL does that and helps me have a great path to the ball - Tim Locastro, MLB Player

We now have 4 guys that are using SWINGRAIL and will be taking it home with them in the off-season.
— Hitting Coach, Pirates Organization
I really like SWINGRAIL! I like how it makes my guys keep their hands inside the ball. I think it’s a great product.
— Hitting Coach, Angels Organization
I use it with guys who cast and after couple times they understand how to keep their hands inside the ball and get the bat on a good path.
— Hitting Coach, Reds Organization
I’m sending SWINGRAIL home with a few of my players for the off-season. They tell me it helps them feel like the top hand is connected with the back side, and when they take it off they completely feel their top hand handling the barrel really well.
— Hitting Coach, Cardinals Organization
I wanted to tell you that I love it and some other guys are also using it. Big fan!
— MiLB Player, Twins Organization
SWINGRAIL Blake Drake MiLB Player Cardinals Photo

It keeps your hands inside the ball and creates more bat speed. It's pretty sweat - Blake Drake, Cardinals Organization

SWINGRAIL Willie Calhoun MLB Player Rangers Dodgers Photo

The biggest thing for me is to stay inside the ball and this is key because it helps me do that - Willie Calhoun, MLB Player

SWINGRAIL Lars Anderson MLB player Red Sox Dodgers Photo

It helps you keep your hands inside the ball resulting in a longer swing plane through the zone - Lars Anderson, MLB Player & Owner of Birdman Bats

It’s helped me take a couple of loops out of my swing and really focus on getting the barrel to the ball as quickly as possible
— Lyndsay Caughel, MiLB Player
I’ve been using it with a player that has a problem feeling what it means to be short to the ball - I’ve seen him improve a little each day.
— Hitting Coach, Pirates Organization
I think it’s a good tool for guys who cast or bar their arm. A couple of our guys really like it, and I see them working with it on their own.
— Hitting Coach, Twins Organization
I really like the premise because it deals with a portion of the swing that we work on daily. I’m looking forward to seeing where I can implement it.
— Hitting Coach, Cubs Organization
A few of our guys use it to keep their hands inside the ball. I think it’s a great tool to keep the swing short and through the ball.
— Hitting Coach, Reds Organization
My son used it for a week and now he is driving the ball oppo and straight away.
— Star D.
My favorite hitting product. Simple but brilliant. Provides immediate feedback to the hitter.
— Troy D.
I used SWINGRAIL for about a week for dry swings and tee work. I just took my first BP against live pitching and it was completely different — I crushed EVERYTHING and the ball sounded like a MLB hitter coming off my bat.
— Tom B.