"Our team uses it regularly. It's a serious game changer." -- Eric C.

"Love this product!  My son was hitting .160 halfway through the season and two weeks later he was over .300" -- Mark M.

"It's a solid product that produces results. We had 6 of our varsity girls using it in the offseason. I did the math and these girls hit a combined .498 (batting average)." -- Rick N.



"My son used it over the winter and he's moved from the bottom of the order to the top. He hit the first home run of his life in the 4th game this season." -- Brian T.


"My daughter has always dropped her hands and we could never fix it.  After a week of practice it's almost cured." -- Tom K.

"The instant feedback it gives is the key to identifying swing problems. It completely takes the guesswork out and a lot of my players use it at home." -- Ryan E.


"Our hitting coach thought it was just another gimmick, but he gave it a try because my daughter was really long to the ball. She's been using it regularly for a couple of weeks, and this weekend she 2 homeruns!" -- Bobbi N.