AGES 9 - 11

Developing a Foundation of solid Swing Mechanics at a Young Age clearly gives a player the most potential for success in the long run.  The earlier you're able to identify and correct critical mistakes, the less.  Unfortunately, many players wait until it's too late and are unable correct mistakes that are ingrained into their swing. Address them now, before it's too late!

  • Using the body and arms together in correct sequence and not simply swing with the arms

  • Prevent "casting" the hands and arms away from the body at the start of the swing

  • Learn to take the hands on a direct inside path to the ball


"My daughter immediately understood what it meant to take her hands directly to the ball, which was something  I had been trying to explain for months."

"My son was having a really hard time hitting faster pitching. Over the past few weeks he's was able to fix his long slow swing and now he's hitting the ball hard almost every at bat."

"He went from batting at the bottom of the order to leadoff. His coaches thought I had been taking him to lessons because his swing looked so muchwent from striking out a lot to being their most consistent hitter.hey said he looked more balanced and athletic (this is ahigh school quote)asked if I was taking him to lessons.  They mocouldn't believe how much his swing had changed in